20 December 2003

The Condensed Version;

Where have I been? I been tryin' to pay the rent, fool. You'd be hustlin' too if you had a new baby and no steady employment.

Yeah, the kid got here on the tenth of November. Here he is.

This is the kid.

His name is John Taft and he is the best. Baby. Ever. He was born during a pleasingly gruesome c-section. Babymomma and baby are happy and healthy.

Hell, Sonya's doing so good that she went and got a new car tonight.

See, getting a baby seat out of the back of the Louisiana Badass just wasn't happening for Sonya. Too much reaching back and in. So we got a nice midsize SUV. Sonya drove a hard bargain and did well for herself, as usual.

And maybe, just maybe, I've got a job. Starting next month. I won't say too much, yet. Don't want to jinx anything. But an interesting new part of my life is obviously getting ready to begin.

So Merry Christmas, people.