30 September 2003

My God it's beautiful in New Orleans this week. Cool and breezy with warm, friendly sun. Not a cloud in the Rembrandt-blue skies. I see that it's twenty degrees and snowing in Green Bay, or cold and rainy in Cleveland, and I'm so glad to live on the Gulf Coast. And hey - the cold fronts are here, so the threat of a late-season hurricane is low!

I went to one of the casinos the other day to fill out an application. I parked my car and walked over the levee and down to the lakeshore. The wind was stiff from over the lake, and I was wearing shorts and a baggy workshirt. When the breeze was blowing I was shivering. But it would stop every few seconds and I'd break out in an oozing sweat like it was a normal sunny summer day. This town. I tell you.