19 September 2003

I was out with the drinking group last night. Somehow talk got around to spa treatments and then facials. There was a good bit of facial talk.

I've never had a facial, so I looked over at Doug.

"I once saw a movie where a girl got a facial."

He took it well.

Speaking of filth - and Doug - he's recently purchased some C-Murder CDs. One little C-Murder ditty is called "Interlude" and it's about a minute long. The lyrics go like this:

Please baby look in my eyes
And let me put my dick in your mouth
Please don't you act like you shy
And let me bust a nut in your eye (2x's)

"What kind of music is it?" I asked Doug.

"Kind of smooth, get-a-girl-in-bed music," Doug told me.

And that would work with this song because, as I've said before, chicks love a guy with a smooth line.