25 June 2003

From an e-mail I sent to some ex-coworkers today:

You know what bugs the shit out of me? I'll tell you.

There are lots of web developer jobs out there. Lots. But I have to ignore most of them. You want to know why? Because they're either one of two kinds:

1) Web developer wanted. Must answer phones, sell hamburgers, take dictation and update web site. $6.50/hour, no benefits.

2) Web developer wanted. $85,000.00/year, relocation paid. Must know Tomcat, J2EE and SQL. HTML, graphics experience helpful, not necessary.

What?!? With the first job they don't want me - they want a secretary who knows how to use FrontPage. And with the second job they don't want a web developer - they want a FUCKING PROGRAMMER. Pisses me off.