23 June 2003

The most important thing you need to know:

Sonya is pregnant.

And not just a little pregnant, either. Twenty weeks, dude. Halfway there. Why didn't I tell you earlier?

Because I don't love you, loser.

So yeah, that's been a big thing. Between that, the joblessness and the (now dispelled) fear that our apartment would be sold from under us I've been a little stressed. Just a touch.

And no, I don't have a job yet. I've received some lovely rejection letters, though, and I'm in the running for a couple of things. One job is a job I've done before, so I'm hoping they'll at least interview me.

The apartment? Well, our refrigerator was broken. For a week. But that's not the point; it's fixed now and the beer is cold again. What is the point is I talked to our landlord. I told her straight up that I ain't got no job and having to move now would suck.

She said she'd steer potential buyers away from unit number four. We can stay as long as we like.


I'm living a low-impact life. If I leave the house I tend to spend money, so I usually stay home. The place is pretty much clean and dinner is on the proverbial table when Sonya gets home. I spend a few hours in front of the computer, researching jobs and spooting out resumes. I'm getting very good at my PlayStation games. Roxy takes a couple of long, healthy walks a day. I drink coffee.

I'm OddTodd, basically.

While I haven't exercised as much as I meant to, I did write a short story. Maybe I'll let you read it one day.

And I was lying earlier. I do love you and you're not a loser. Please don't leave!

The Wife? The Wife is fine. She was really weird there for a while: she ate everything in sight, peed constantly and slept like a teenage boy. Maybe she's still doing those things and I'm just used to it now. But she feels fine and all her pants are too small. I've seen the ultrasound: it's a baby.

One of mine!

So I'm pretty much happy. I look around and see losers who have kids and no one takes the kids away, so I figure I can handle it no problem, right? Then other times I think, "Me and Sonya? Have a kid? That's a serious mistake."

I told Sonya that the other day.

"Then you made the mistake," she said.

"You didn't get up and run away!" I reminded her, "we both made the mistake!"

But overall I think it will be fine. We'll be supremely cool parents, if nothing else.