25 April 2003


From an article in the New York Times:

In describing the war from his perspective, Mr. Bush combined acknowledgments of doubts and pressures with accounts of dramatic moments and humor, including his fascination with the relentlessly upbeat accounts of heroic Iraqi resistance provided by the information minister, Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf.

"He's my man; he was great," said a laughing Mr. Bush. "Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic."

See? Everyone loved the information minister! I so hope he's not dead; he could really write his own ticket if he's still alive. Hollywood needs this guy, though he could probably go far in Washington, too.

I'm hyped about the phone interview this afternoon, but I'm not nervous. I've been nervous about interviews before. This one, though, I'm just ready for. I really, really need to walk to the plate and throw a touchdown, or something, and I feel like I'm ready to do that.

I just went to the post office to mail a package. The line was long, the service was slow.

"Jeez, can you believe this?" the woman behind me muttered

And I'm thinking, come on, lady. Where have you been that you didn't know the post office is slow?