16 April 2003


I was informed my last day on the job would be May second. I would have thought that when you got laid off it was a quick, brutal Friday afternoon affair, but I guess not. So I went back to work today.

I told a few of my coworkers what had happened. Shock and outrage followed. Then it was time for the company picnic!

Through a not-unironic coincidence of timing the day after I was laid off was the day of the company picnic at a park near our office building. There was a great deal of fried chicken and it was really good. I sat with the previously mentioned shocked-and-outraged coworkers and failed to keep my voice down while I talked about our funny-looking fellow employees. Then me and a few others threw a frisbee around for an hour or so. Lots of flinging and jumping. I worked out some frustrations, and that was a good thing.

Tonight was a scheduled meeting of the drinking/reading group. We had no book to discuss, though; just a powerful urge to drink. My fellow members even purchased my drinks for me, since I am now of Reduced Circumstances. I got powerfully drunk and we started playing with matches at the Circle Bar. For a while there I was pretty sure I was going to puke, but I managed to stay cool and stagger home.