10 April 2003


What I'm looking at lately, internet-wise:

  • Fametracker - So I'll know not only who is famous, but how famous they are.

  • Television Without Pity - For recaps of the shows I've already seen. Indispensable.

  • Best4printingV2.com - For tacky war t-shirts.

  • Instapundit - The latest news gathered up in a tidy bundle.

  • Memepool - Links to everything. Go there and be amused.

  • 411mania.com - Wrestling gossip, video game news, movie and music reviews. It's not written well (except for Scott Keith's recaps) but there's a lot of it.

  • Pop Culture Junk Mail - Useless links to stuff that's dear to my generation's heart.

  • Retrocrush - For hot babes from back in the day.

  • Rock and Rock Confidential - Do not miss the Hall of Douchebags. I howled with laughter.

  • Lileks.com - Both for the Gallery of Official Cheer and the daily commentary.