04 April 2003


I made some coffee to take on the ride to work this morning, but I had already poured it and added sugar when I realized that I had no milk. No creamer, no half and half, nothing. Not even Coffee Mate.


...when our buddy Shawn was here for Mardi Gras we did get some soy milk, which was still lurking in the refrigerator. Certainly, I thought, it had gone bad by now.

But no! The stuff doesn't expire until some time in May, which leads me to believe it's not made out of soy, but plastic.

Anyway, I needed something to go in my coffee, even though God knows I'd never drink the shit. I added it to my cup.

And it wasn't bad! I wouldn't drink it by itself - it's obviously not milk. But it's perfectly acceptable for adding to coffee.