11 March 2003

And the injuries just keep on coming!

Saturday morning I was playing with Roxy. I tossed her stuffy guy across the living room. She ran after it, passed it and pivoted hard on her left front leg. She pulled up her leg immediately and started yelping like she'd been shot.

Sonya and I rushed to her. I picked her up and she still didn't stop yelping, which has never happened before. She was really, really hurting.

I got dressed in a hurry and took her Prytania Veterinary, which is open on Saturday morning. I didn't have an appointment and they were overbooked, so we were invited to sit and wait. Roxy ran out to the end of her improvised Mardi Gras bead leash and hopped around on three legs, acting all jittery.

We got in to see the doctor pretty quick, and they gave Roxy the normal super-sweet treatment she always gets there. The diagnosis: a severely strained and pulled leg and shoulder.

Now the dog is on anti-inflammatories, too. Funny.