06 March 2003

The alarm clock went off at seven on Fat Tuesday. It was painfully early.

Everyone started stumbling about, and Baris and Christie eventually showed up with Barbara. We got into costume as quickly as possible.

We were St. Harold's School For Wayward Girls on our Mardi Gras Field Trip. I was a priest. Baris was an altar boy. Sonya, Lark, Barbara, Christie and Ellie were the wayward girls. Donna and Jimmy - whom we hooked up with later - were a nun and Jesus, respectively. I carried a sign and a drink. The drinking started before we were out the door.

We saw Spike Lee and the majority of Zulu before we started down St. Charles for the French Quarter. At Lee Circle we drank, took picture, used the bathroom and kept calling Jimmy and Donna until we found them. WIth our grounp complete - and the picture requests from strangers started about then - we continued our walk to the French Quarter.

It was a big day. Lark, Barbara and Shawn talked their way into a hotel to use the bathroom. I blessed people left and right. The schoolgirls got lots of beads. We'd make our way through the crowds and I heard people say "it's a school group of some sort." That's right, baby.

Donna stopped to buy a ruler so her nun outfit would be complete. She swatted people mercilessly.

We stopped in a little bar on Tulane for drinks and a bathroom. We were the only customers. The old men who ran the place didn't seem to happy to see us, but the bartender was delighted. We danced and drank and would have caused a scene, if anyone had been there to see it. We finally managed to cross the parade on Basin Street and entered the French Quarter.

Ellie flashed her boobs for gigantic beads.

Jimmy barged into Deja Vu and asked "you got a table for me and my disciples?"

The bartender didn't even blink.

More pictures with strangers at Tropical Isle.

"You're in the wrong place, father!" someone yelled.

Dude! I'm wearing a Saints hat and drinking a hand grenade! I'm hip!

Donna and Jimmy, for reasons too convoluted to go into, had purchased some anal beads. These were immediately hung from our sign. People started trying to throat as many beads as possible. It was charming.

Christie gave me a hug, and I slowly...lost...my...balance...

We tumbled into the street, me laughing, Christie showing the world her panties.

Around eight we washed ashore at Lafitte's. Everyone looked a little ragged - we'd been at it for a solid twelve hours. After a few more drinks everyone caught cabs and went their own way. We didn't get to see the horses go down the street at midnight, but I think we made a respectable showing.

Pictures to come soon, I promise.