24 February 2003

Did I mention we were going to go see Cheap Trick? We went to see Cheap Trick on Saturday night and let me tell you, buddy - they are big fucking rock stars. They rocked the fucking house. And the crowd! There were old people, young people, ugly and pretty, and a smattering of hipsters. It was incredible fun, and the band - despite being a power-pop/classic rock act from the seventies - looks great.

Sonya and I were at one of the afternoon parades yesterday, enjoying the sun and warm weather before the first floats came along, when I baby came walking down the street.

A barely-able to walk baby. The people he walked up to asked the logical question:

"Who's baby is this?"

No one answered. The people took the kid to some cops. One of the cops laid a guiding hand on top of the kid's head and lead him up and down the street a few times until finally someone claimed him.

The cop proceeded to fuss at the kid's mother, and she bitched at him, telling him he had no right to tell her how to look after her kids.

I overheard the cop talking to the people next to us, who were friends of his.

"She's not even lookin' for her own kid, and she fusses at me when I bring him back and tell her to keep a closer eye on him," he shook his head like he couldn't believe it.

I think he should have shot her.