20 February 2003

Some stuff:

"...the best journals are lost in the great cacophony of crap." - Beth of xeney.com

That's so true, isn't it? Kind of like the way my work (which is the best) was overlooked in the great cacophony of crap that is the Diarist Awards. It's almost like she was talking about me, isn't it?

No, I'm not letting this shit go. Where's the outrage, people?

And, from The Stranger:

DIRTY DANCING--Movie (1987) Patrick Swayze rubs his sizable groin all over the underage Jennifer Grey.

And, finally, this wire report:

BRAZZAVILLE, Congo (Reuters) -- Congolese villagers have stoned and beaten to death four teachers accused of casting an evil spell to cause an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease that has killed nearly 70 people, a local official said Friday.

The village, unsurprisingly, was called Dumbassville.