13 February 2003

From The Stranger:

Today's story comes from Hot Tipper Ashley, who was exiting her Capitol Hill apartment on January 29 when she passed a man standing on the building's steps--with his fly down, and his exposed penis spewing urine over the steps and sidewalk. "But the interesting thing was," writes Ashley, "he had his hands in the air, as though he were about to begin a set of jumping jacks. And in each hand, he was holding a can of baked beans." Deep thanks to Ashley for sharing her astonishing sighting, and props to the public urinator gracious enough to execute his assault on common decency in the most entertaining way possible.

Oh, and in the Really Cool News Dept.: Sonya is riding in Muses this year! I can't wait. Not only will I know a rider on a float, I'll be having sex with said rider!

Not during the parade, though. I mean, seriously.

I bet she gives me lots of really good beads, too. And I'm all, like, "tell everyone else on the float! Say, 'that's my husband! Pelt him! Pelt him!'"