06 February 2003


I mentioned Sonya got me XM Radio for our anniversary, didn't I? What I didn't mention is how fucking great it is.

Imagine it, if you will: minimal (and sometimes nonexistent) commercials. Station after station of music that you actually enjoy. Not just one song you like, but dozens of songs you like, played consecutively. No yapping morning DJs!

On the way to work this morning I heard One by Metallica and Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi on the hair metal station. (The hair metal station!) Then I heard Valley Girl and Roam on the '80s station; I finished the drive with the Time Warp and Blame Canada on the soundtrack channel. Somewhere in there I heard a fucked-up cover of Baby One More Time on a channel that seems to play nothing but fucked-up cover tunes. Today would have been Bob Marley's birthday, so the reggae station was playing all Marley all day long.

This is shit you do not hear on the regular radio.

Since Saturday I have not listened to the radio or even a CD. All the music I could ever want is on the XM.

Why doesn't everyone have it?