15 January 2003


An open letter to the programmers at WTUL:

You people,

Listen, guys. The way I understand it, you try to play music that's under-represented by other radio outlets in the community. Cool - I'm down with that. And I think you do a really good job of it.

But there's two thing you need to change:

Classical music in the morning. What's up with this? The station that plays NPR in the morning and the afternoons plays classical all the fucking time. Let them do that. You should play more Sigur Ros.

Jazz in the evenings. No! New Orleans has WWOZ, dedicated to New Orleans music in general and jazz in particular. Admit it, you can't do jazz as well as they do. My solution? You should give up and play more Godspeed You Black Emperor!

I am a person of some standing and importance in the community and you would do well to do as I say.