31 December 2002


We took Lyne on a Haunted History tour last Friday night so she could see all the spooky spots in the French Quarter. Our tour guide was Mike, and he introduced us to "Buck, our security guard and resident vampire."

(His name wasn't Buck. I can't remember what his name was. And he wasn't really a vampire, either. Certainly no vampire would have such ill-advised hair or such a painfully undershot chin.)

We fell a bit behind the pack late in the tour - Lyne was taking pictures - and we started to talk to Buck. It turns out he frequents some of the same bars as Sonya and I, and Sonya mentioned that she liked the new comfy couches the bar had recently installed.

"You know what those are?" Buck asked, "those are feeding couches!"

We all rolled our eyes in unison.

Great, I thought, you start to like a place and all of a sudden the undead take over. Story of my life.