20 December 2002


I was upstairs last night and Sonya was downstairs, wrapping presents.

"I need some more tape," she yelled up at me, "is there any up there?"

"I'll look," I yelled back. I looked around the bedroom, but there was no more tape. I went downstairs.

"I couldn't find any," I told Sonya, who was rummaging around in the drawers in the kitchen.

"I need some more tape," she muttered, and immediately she put her hands on another roll of tape.

"I need a million dollars," she said. We both looked up at the ceiling, hoping the money would drop out of the sky. Nothing.

"Boobs!" I blurted out, "I need some big boobs."

And Sonya flashed me. My life is good.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone. I'll update when I can next week, but I promise nothing. You should check out the old shit to keep you satisfied until I get back.