16 December 2002


The Celexa withdrawal continues.

Saturday Sonya and I went to City Park for a two-mile run through the Christmas lights and decorations they have there. I took the wrong exit, though, and I'm deeply unfamiliar with the area around the park. By the time we parked in front of Tad Gormley Stadium - late for the run - I was ready to bite through the steering wheel in a fit of snarling, hate-filled rage.

But then we walked through the botanical gardens and I practically cooed with delight at the number and variety of roses. Then we went to walk through the Christmas lights. I giggled like a retarded child when we saw a pack of raccoons near an abandoned building, and I nearly cried with happiness when Sonya and I walked arm in arm under the glittering lights.

"It's just so magical," I whispered, dabbing at my eyes.

Then I went to pick up some food at Voodoo Barbecue. When I realized I'd forgotten my coupon I nearly had a breakdown.

Apparently my emotions are coming back. I'm not sure that this is a good thing, since I'm acting like such a fucking 'tard.