28 November 2002


So I got up and ran around to see my family this morning, and I got back to Sonya's parents house just in time for dinner. Sonya and I both had a big heaping plate full of food and, along with Sonya's dad, drank the better part of two bottles of wine. Sonya's dad has started to drink wine, and he looks to Sonya and I to guru him. It's fun getting tipsy with the father in-law.

Then, instead of having seconds, we went to my grandmother's house, where my family had just sat down to eat. We ate some more. Then the whole family retired to the living room where we laid on the floor and grunted at each other.

We did something after that, but the turkey goodness has blocked it from my mind. Eventually we made it to bed and I fell asleep immediately. I did not eat again.