08 November 2002


I went with Sonya to see her doctor this afternoon. While he doesn't think we'll need it, he did raise the possibility of fertility drugs somewhere down the road if necessary.

On the way out I was studying the pictures of the babies that various satisfied customers had sent in. Lots of happy kids. Lots of twins. Some triplets. A few quads.

"Lots of multiple births over here, Sonya," I said ominously. Jack and Julie - my brother and sister - are twins. My cousins are twins.

"I mean, the possibility's there already," I said in the parking lot, "and if you got on drugs you could have eight, twelve kids."

Sonya told her mom about my trepidation.

"If you have lots of kids you'll have to move home!" she said, "you can't handle all that by yourself!"

"We might not be able to handle it with all the help in the world," I said.

Two wouldn't be so bad, though. Viola! Instant family!