01 November 2002


I almost had a fuckin' wreck this morning.

I'd stopped at the light at Calliope and St. Charles, you know? I was driving along under the interstate, taking Calliope which eventually turns into Earhart and takes me all the way to work. And I stopped at St. Charles. Then the light turned green. I went.

And some ignorant motherfucker runs the light coming from Lee Circle, sees that he's run the light, and stomps his breaks, stopping him right in front of me just as I'm accelerating to cross the intersection.

I thought lots of things. I slammed on the breaks and kept the wheels straight and thought I'm gonna be late for work and I'll need to call Sonya and I hope the air bag doesn't go off.

I don't know how I didn't hit him. No clue. Once I had stopped I sat up and tried to see how much space there was between my car and his. I didn't see any.

I honked and flipped him the double bird. Dude laughed like he was crazy, and he probably had a big old load in his pants, too.

This town. I tell you. They get driver's licenses out of Hubig's Pies.