04 October 2002


I went out into the back yard this evening. We have banana trees and a regular tree coming over from next door, and the last two weeks of storms has blown down a lot of shit that is in dire need of picking up.

But when I went out back earlier there were lizards everywhere! They were scampering and racing over the jungle-like floor, as happy as their little reptile selves could be.

"Thanks, Harold," said one particularly fat guy with a stripe running down his back, "this is what we've always wanted from your yard."

I'm cleaning it all up this weekend. Can't have the lizards getting too comfortable. I fuck around and let it get much more cluttered back there and an anaconda could grab the dog or something.

Say someone came up to me and said, "Harold, you can go to Journalcon or you can eat a nice big ass. What's it going to be?"

You know what? I'd have to sit down and think it over.