30 September 2002


This morning a ate a cereal bar and drank an espresso doubleshot. Then I took a Stacker 2 ("The World's Strongest Fat Burner") and drank a Diet Mountain Dew on my way to work.

I was all fucked up.

High as a goddamned kite. I was singing along with the radio (singing loud) and laughing at myself all the way to work. Then I went from cubicle to cubicle, annoying my coworkers.

"Blibblib blibblib blibblibblibblib blibblibblib!" I said to my coworkers, making like Geoffrey Rush in Shine.

"No more Stacker 2 for Harold," they said.

Then I crawled up on my credenza and crouched, ready to leap on any intruders. Nope, no one was sneaking up on my today!