26 September 2002


I woke up about one-thirty this morning. I had to pee, but what also woke me up was the rain lashing against our bedroom windows and the wind howling through the banana trees, making them shake and thrash.

I went to pee. While committing the act I pushed up my sleep mask (it's Sonya's, really, but I can sleep like two hours later than usual when I wear it) and looked out the window. Rain. Banana leaves flying everywhere. Your basic hurricane.

I got back in bed and listened to the violent weather outside. Should I get up? Should I at least turn on the TV or the radio and hear the latest update? Should I go downstairs and see if the living room is flooded?

Thinking about all these things, I went back to sleep.

And now it's all pretty much over. Sonya's car flooded, but that happens every time it rains; something is wrong with the convertible top's drainage system. And we've got a leak in the bedroom ceiling. But that won't be a problem once it stops raining, right?