06 September 2002


A weird thing from work this morning:

My coworker Mark walked into his cube, sat down and proceeded to peel his breakfast banana. He happened to look over at his desk.

"Aw, y'all," he yelled, "come look. You're not gonna believe this shit."

I went over.

Sitting on some papers on Mark's desk was a retainer. From someone's mouth. Our best theory was that someone on the cleaning crew had taken it out the night before and left it on Mark's desk.

"You should put it in your fishtank," I suggested.

Mark called building management.

"Someone left a retainer on my desk," he told them.

"Ooooh, that's gross!" building management said.

"Yes, it is," Mark agreed, "would you like to come get it?"

Eventually someone came and took the offending dental work away.

But really, I can see forgetting your retainer in a glass of water in the bathroom or something. But leaving it on someone's desk? While you're working?

It had a big piece of blue bubble gum stuck to it, too.