30 August 2002


Having company in town is good - especially when they're fun people.

Siobhan (yeah, that Siobhan) and her girlfriend (to protect her anonymity we'll call her Becky) Becky got in to town late last night. Today we played tourist. 

And did we ever tourist! Beignets at Cafe du Monde, shopping in the French Market and along Decatur, a ferry ride to Mardi Gras World and a visit to the Aquarium of the Americas. We were all very proud of what we did.

Then, after coming home and watching the last Saints preseason game, we went bowling at Mid City Lanes. It was the quintessential New Orleans day. We couldn't have done much more.

Scary note: There was a big, nasty fire in a row of buildings a block away from our house. Included in the buildings were a vet's office and and a kennel. Lots of cats and one dog died, and this is very sad. It's scary, too, in that the kennel is where Roxy went to stay when we went to Alabama for my birthday. The kennel people were nice, too. I hope things work out. I'll donate some money.