24 June 2002


Sonya threw a fit!

We went to Metairie to visit the new Target. But it wasn't open. Sonya's mood started to darken.

"There's a Sonic," I said, "you want a Sonic burger?"

She did, but I had to stop and get some cash first.

"Well, just get out of the motherfuckin' car and get the motherfuckin' cash, you goddam sonofabitch."

I did.

Back in the car, the assault continued.

"You try giving up everything you love, you filthy cocksucker!"

(Sonya had quit smoking lately, and is cutting back on her caffeine.)

I pulled out of the bank parking lot and crossed Vets to go over to the Sonic. Somewhere in the turning lane on Veterans Sonya started to cry, a deep, weepy blubber.

And by the time the girl brought our cheeseburgers out she was fine again. Smiling and happy - and hungry.

"You had a fit," I observed.

"I had a fit," Sonya agreed, eating an onion ring.