17 June 2002


Things that are good with peanut butter and jelly. And by that I mean served as a side dish, not actually on the sandwich. I'm not a barbarian:

  • pickles (not sweet, though. Polish, kosher, dill.)
  • onion (sweet or hot - vidalia or Arkansas yellow, red or hothouse white. No difference.)
  • olives (any)
  • bacon (good with all foods)
  • peppers (from a bottle, obviously - not strips of raw bell pepper. Pepperoncini are especially good.)
  • Vienna sausages (and their slacker cousin, potted meat. Mmmmm, spicy.)
  • Chips and dip (any kind. Cheese dip and nacho chips, Ruffles and french onion dip, salsa. All good.)
  • pizza bites
  • pizza
  • French fries (any kind, and any other side item customarily served with hamburgers - tater tots and onion rings included.)