06 June 2002


Have you seen the 7-Up commercial set in a prison? In it, the 7-Up pitchman won't bend over to pick up a can he's dropped, and at the end of the commercial it's implied he's been left in a cell with a man who will soon force himself upon the helpless shill.

After I saw it the first time I looked over at Sonya.

"Prison rape is funny."

And it sells soft drinks too, I guess.

Wm. Steven Humphrey (who writes I Love Television for The Stranger) had this to say about it:

"Anal sex is always funny. Why? Because it contains two aspects of the 'holy trinity of comedy': the pee-pee and the poo-poo."

He also said this, which is just funny:


"Debut! Hopefuls travel to audition for a recording contract and to be told they suck big hippo dick."