17 May 2002


You know what? Heather Havrilesky - one of the writers that made Suck so very, very good - has her own website now! It's totally funny, if not as structured as Suck was. It's a Suck-like substitute in these long, Suck-less days in the wake of the internet crash.

And through the Rabbit Blog I found out that New Orleans horror author Poppy Brite also has her own website. I knew she used to share a website with two other writers, but it sucked. This new, Poppy-only site has lots of little fun bits and pieces of writing that would be good for wasting whole hours of your time, if you like that sort of thing. And the thing about the South Park guys is deeply upsetting, which I'm sure is how she wanted it.

And Poppy lives Uptown, just like me. Shout-out, homegirl! Come by the house some time, babe - we'll do lunch.

Totally unrelated but funny: In college a friend of mine - we'll call her Red - had this other friend. This other friend was very, very skinny. We'll call her Josephine.

One time Red took a picture of Josephine eating a pretzel. Later, I was looking through the pictures after they'd been developed.

I held up the one of Josephine eating a pretzel.

"Daily caloric intake," I entitled it.

We laughed like motherfuckers at that. We were mean.