08 April 2002


Sonya and I went to the Tenacious D concert Friday Night at the State Palace. The Palace is a beautiful old ornate movie house that's been allowed to run down - kind of like the Orpheum back in Memphis if the Orpheum got fired and started smoking crack.

Anyway, at one point in the show Kyle G. and Jack Black declared they were going out into the desert to take acid write the perfect rock and roll song. They walked off stage. A screen was lowered.

"Somewhere in the desert," it said on the screen.

We see Kyle and J.B. in the desert, in their underwear, trying to come up with a good song. The acid starts coming on strong on J.B., while Kyle seems unphased. J.B. feels a God-like connection with the universe, but his euphoria quickly crashes as skeletons dance around him and a horrid one-eyed pincered beast starts to chase him.

From Kyle's point of view, J.B. is running around the desert, fleeing nothing.

"I think this acid is bad," Kyle says, "where's the box it came in?"

Kyle rummages in a bag and come up with a box containing a pregnancy test.

"This isn't LSD," he proclaims, "it's EPT!"

Jack claims there was a placebo effect.

"And mine's positive!" Kyle continues. "I'm pregnant!"

They're both happy at the news, but Kyle doubles over in pain as his water breaks all over his feet.

Then Kyle is laying on the ground and J.B. is between his legs, coaching him in spite of the storm of bodily fluids Kyle sprays him with. Finally, a filthy little baby is delivered from the only possible orifice.

Then Kyle and J.B. came back out on stage - with Kyle breastfeeding the baby - and they both proceeded to sing a song to their new "butt-baby." Then they gave him away.

Later there was another video featuring J.B. giving Kyle a vigorous blowjob. Jizz went everywhere, forcing them to take off their hats and sunglasses and recognize each other. Hilarity ensued.

The whole show was kind of like that.