29 March 2002


Good Friday, huh? Good for running around and doing a lot of shit.

Sonya was off for Good Friday, and I'm off one day every two weeks and chose to be off with the Wife. While she worked on a freelance job I went to get some dog medicine (nothing serious - just hearworm pills and Frontline flea and tick killer) and get an oil change for the Louisiana Badass.

Funny: I went around the block once at the oil change place to wait for a spot to open up in their parking lot. I was going around the block at like ten in the morning and I saw a bunch of people in the front yard of this house, drinking beer and wearing feather boas, listening to loud music.

So I guess that party started pretty early.

Friday afternoon we went shopping. Sonya has a rare condition known as shopping anorexia (almost unheard of in women!) that makes it difficult for her to spend money on herself. In fact, I've seen Sonya buy an item, be stricken with guilt and immediately return it. Quite sad.

Her disease seemed to be in remission on Friday, though. She got herself several precious outifts and ran me from retail outlet to retail outlet. At the end of the day we were both spent.

What did I get out of the day? A fitted Saints ball cap, that's what. I've always wanted one, and Sonya owed me one for our annviersary. So everyone came home happy.