12 March 2002


The cable guy came yesterday, and I think our long struggle with the cable modem may be over. He said the way the cable came into our house was "sick" and "pathetic" and he fixed it. Now the internet flows freely into our house and the picture on the TV has improved, too.

Also yesterday: Roxy went to the vet. Don't worry, it's not like she was sick or anything. It was just time for her annual check-up and vaccinations.

You know, I don't get an annual check-up. And I couldn't tell you when I last had a vaccination. But the dog gets both like clockwork. Is that strange?

Anyway, I took Roxy to a vet that a couple of friends of mine had recommended. My God, they were sweet to that dog. I've never seen a child (neither when I was one nor when I've taken one to the doctor) treated with such gentleness and good humor. Hell, Roxy got applause twice! Once when she completed her physical examination, and again after she got her shots. The diagnosis? "Brave," "expressive," and "a good little girl." Totally healthy, of course, even though they want to clean her teeth this summer.

"How do you clean a dog's teeth?" I asked.

They put 'em to sleep, that's how.