07 March 2002


Here's something you don't see everyday: an e-mail from an honest-to-God Thai prostitute to a former customer of hers here in America. The former customer? A friend of Glen's, of course. Doesn't Glen have the most colorful friends?


Are you ok now or you busy why you not answer me? Now I ok but very to cold

I hope you dont thinking too much about your girlfriend because you are nice guy many girl want to be girlfriend with you I think you girl do mistake for her life her leave very nice guy I think one day her very feel sad because her leave you ha.

Me too I dont know future what happen too maybe my boyfriend leave me nobody know but I try do something now good ha you too I hope you meet some girl good understand you everything ang love you very much not so long time I like you very much because you nice guy and very good friend for me I dont know you like me and want to be good friend me yes or not because Im girl not so good ha who want to be friend and boyfriend because I sell body it ok.I think when I make everybody happy I very happy too.

I hope you have a littel bit time for answer me but notr have time no metter I waiting when you have time and good luck in everything you do and take very good care and I will taiking with you again and hope to see you again.You know I very happy to stay and took with you before so it shot time but its time made I happy and I hope you happy too.

Miss your away,
Kisssses from Thailand,