05 March 2002


They've found over three-hundred bodies on the grounds of that crematory in Georgia. Wouldn't that have been a freaky-ass thing to come up on in the middle of the night?

And did you hear what the dude who runs the place said the day he was arrested?

"The incinerator is broken."

Subsequent investigations have revealed that the incinerator hasn't been professionally serviced in twenty years. I guess it might have been broken for a little while, then.

And now they're draining the lake on the crematory property. God knows what they'll find. While it's a grisly story, I think it's the most compelling thing in the news lately. CNN's equivalent of a train wreck, I suppose.

I believe Sonya keeps asking the only really pertinent question in all this:

"Why didn't he just burn the fucking bodies?"

Why indeed? There's only one answer: he liked having them around. Ewwwww.


Also in the Grim Stories Dept.: I got a Fodor's guide to New York City yesterday. It's the 2002 edition, but it was obviously published before September 11. The restaurant in the World Trade Center gets a decent review, but it's the advice to visitors on the rooftop observation deck that's really chilling:

"Notice that planes are flying beneath you."